Saturday, March 20, 2010

My new bedroom!

Troy and I have been talking about painting one wall in our bedroom a light blue. The walls were all a light brownish color, very neutral. So we bought some paint, but I wasn't sure when he was going to do it.

So I came home from school Thursday and he had installed four can lights in our ceiling and there was dust/drywall/mess everywhere. Our bed was moved out in the middle of the room so he could paint but all the furniture had drywall (from where he cut four holes in the ceiling) all over it.

When I got home Friday afternoon, this is what I found:

He painted our "focus wall" and ALSO made us a headboard out of some old shutters that were in our barnshed. I just saw them last week again and thought I wanted to make something out of them. He painted them chocolate brown and made a frame behind them and put it up! THEN, he mopped the hardwoods with some new cleaner, dusted all our furniture, rehung the curtains, and moved the bed back and made it. When I walked back there, he said, "And now for the reveal...!"

I have the BEST husband in the world and I love, love, love him!