Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Help with Christmas Float ideas!

Everybody knows that I'm not very creative. Sometimes I can see an idea in my head but I can't make it turn out right! And then, of course, I tacky it up. Real good at that.

So I need some help coming up with a cute Christmas float for my Pep Squad girlies. The theme is Spirit of Christmas (pretty much anything goes) and Mrs. Nancy thought a sleigh full of elves would be cute. And they have the elf hats at Dollar Tree. How can I make it and decorate it? I REALLY need some cute ideas.

I thought I could add a cheesy line like "Pep Squad Full of the Christmas Spirit!" or something along those lines (get it, cheerleaders~spirit...i know you get it!). Or maybe hang a cute sign on the back that says "We've got SPIRIT, how 'bout you?" And do spirit in red and green....thoughts please!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Nothing Much to Tell...

Well, Jill told me I better keep this updated so...Too bad I don't really have any news! Greenville lost Friday night to Briarwood Christian so we're out of the playoffs (and I will FINALLY have some free Friday nights). Tristen's Pee Wee team won their SuperBowl last week so finally have some free Saturday nights. My dance class started last week so that's what I'm doing on Tuesday nights! It's fun too, kind of an adult jazzercise group. I'm headed there now! And basketball starts soon, so there goes my other free nights. I may need to rethink this whole 'helping out with the cheerleaders' thing...