Sunday, October 31, 2010

Ready for my little love bird to arrive!

The nursery is ready!  Now all it needs is a sweet, little baby girl in it!  We are both so excited.  She should arrive (hopefully) within the next two weeks!  I really can't believe that.  We have been blessed with so many friends and family who have helped me get prepared.  I finished buying the remaining items that we needed yesterday (like that cute rug).  Plus a few more.  

I've been feeling much stronger Braxton Hicks contractions in the past five days--a lot of pressure and pushing down.  Maybe she's "dropping" as everyone says.  My last day at school will be Friday, November 12, if I can make it that long.  Then I'll enjoy a nice, long holiday break with my family!  I hope she comes a little early because I don't want to be induced and they probably will try to do that if it looks like she'll come on Thanksgiving.  Plus, I want to be home with her by then to EAT!

Hanger for her hospital be filled in with DOB, weight, & height.

My dirty, little baby shoes.  Maybe I should polish them...

Cute rocker from the Greenville hostesses!  Parker has a mini-version in the making.

I actually covered the pillow in the glider with some of her fabric!  It wasn't easy to stuff the pillow down and sew the seams shut.

Love the "Parker Everly" painting from the Hartford hostesses!  Made by Dondee Hicks.

Parker's hospital bag is packed and ready-to-go with way too many outfits that she probably won't even have a chance to wear in the hospital.

Rug shot.  Found at Target.  I wasn't supposed to buy it, but I had to have it!
Finally got me a boppy pillow!  Diaper stacker is weighted down too much, I think.

I covered that little pillow, too!  Can't wait to see her snoozing in there!

LOVE the Enchanted Tree mural painted by Olivia!  It's prettier than the one on the website!  Troy was most excited--he kept asking if Liv would paint us one!  So funny!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Belly update! 37.5 weeks! 2 weeks to go!

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cankles have officially happened. Gross. 3 weeks exactly until due date! (Nov. 17)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

So Blessed!

Today I was showered with love!  Cheesy sounding, but so true!  Olivia, Mrs. Nancy, Sheila Brooks, Jill Stallworth, Ginger Norman, Sara Henderson, and Jane McKinley gave me the most beautiful shower this morning!  They served brunch, and the weather was just perfect!  Mrs. Nancy even organized a little "show" for me!  They got together and sang (karaoke-style) "Isn't She Lovely?", "Baby Love," and one more (can't remember name...from Cosby show, and I DO actually remember it!). 

These ladies are so sweet and have just taken me in and embraced me and I love them!  Thank you for your loving kindness! 

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fall Break Goodness

We've been off this past Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday for Fall Break and it's been GREAT!  I really needed a break from school.  Saturday I piddled around running errands and packing for Hartford and Saturday night we went to Blake and Brandi's wedding.  I'm so happy for them and it was good to see everyone.

Sunday morning we headed to Hartford.  We dropped off Coco at Pleas' and headed to church at good ole' Hartford Baptist.  AFter church, Daddy had cooked us a delicious lunch of roast, potatoes, and carrots with butterbeans and rolls!  YUMMY!  Then I left for my shower and Troy, Tristen, and Daddy headed out to the barn to shoot doves (but didn't see any).

Mrs. Justice had my baby shower at her house and everything was perfect!  I got to see all my best friends (minus Holly :( ).  Jill really went out of her way to color-coordinate everything to Parker's nursery!  Even the invitation!  The hostesses had a beautiful picture painted for her nursery to go over her crib and one for her hospital/bedroom door!  Troy and I were so proud of it!  Everyone else also spoiled us rotten with lots of baby goodies!  I am so blessed to have such awesome friends and family!  I'll add more pictures to my slideshow after Mama uploads hers.

We spent Sunday night at Dad's house and I showed them all my gifts.  So much fun!  Then we went upstairs and played pool a bit before conking out.  Monday morning, Troy got up and cooked us all breakfast and we went shopping in Dothan and met Mama at Red Lobster for lunch.  Then we headed back to Greenville.

As soon as we got in, Troy put together the rocker glider (given to us by Pleas) and hung Parker's artwork.  I put away most of her new clothes and essentials.  It's so exciting!  Troy is already an amazing father, but I know he'll be wonderful with his daughter, too!  I love seeing him get just as excited as I do.  I love my husband so much!  He's been so supportive during my pregnancy--giving back rubs, foot massages, understanding when I'm too tired to cook, getting ready for the baby, and just being sweet!

Yesterday I went back to Dr. Kouri for a checkup but had to see Dr. Gentry.  And had to wait an hour and a half due to him being in an emergency!  But that's okay...Michelle, the ultrasound tech, came and got me for another (free and unexpected) ultrasound!  Always fun to see the baby in my belly!  She is smaller than they originally thought (yay) and they anticipate her to be a six pound baby.  They had originally told me she might be an eight-pounder!  Yikes! 
Last night Greenville Middle had their last football game.  We are done until basketball!  I'm going to bump practices down to once a week and then we'll only have like five b-ball games.  I should be a mom by that time!  Vikki Whittington is going to take over for me while I'm out; she's mom to one of my girls and teaches with me.

On my last day of Fall Break, I actually slept in until 8:00!  Can't believe it since I'm normally wide awake at 5:30.  I cleaned house, played in the nursery, and got all of my thank-you notes written.  It's been so nice not having to get ready and go!  I stayed in my pajamas ALL day!  Finally I bathed and did put on clean p.j.s.  Don't want to go back to school tomorrow!

A few pictures!  More to come in a few days when mama emails me hers from my school shower and Hartford shower.

Mr. and Mrs. Blake Autrey

Troy's best friend, Blake, got married this weekend!  They got married at Gaines Ridge in Camden.  It was a sweet, small, but intimate wedding.  Blake is brother-in-law to one of my besties, Olivia Autrey.  She and her mom did the live flowers and they were beautiful!  I love fall weddings!  They are honeymooning in Vegas!

Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. Autrey!  Hope you have a lifetime filled with love and happiness!