Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Help with Christmas Float ideas!

Everybody knows that I'm not very creative. Sometimes I can see an idea in my head but I can't make it turn out right! And then, of course, I tacky it up. Real good at that.

So I need some help coming up with a cute Christmas float for my Pep Squad girlies. The theme is Spirit of Christmas (pretty much anything goes) and Mrs. Nancy thought a sleigh full of elves would be cute. And they have the elf hats at Dollar Tree. How can I make it and decorate it? I REALLY need some cute ideas.

I thought I could add a cheesy line like "Pep Squad Full of the Christmas Spirit!" or something along those lines (get it, cheerleaders~spirit...i know you get it!). Or maybe hang a cute sign on the back that says "We've got SPIRIT, how 'bout you?" And do spirit in red and green....thoughts please!

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