Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's!!

My Valentine Sweetheart and Me!

Last night Troy and I went to the Chef's Table in Greenville for a seven-course dinner. Everything was so beautiful and the food was delicious! However, we were about the only ones there without gray hair (okay, I might have one...). We sat with Jill & Steve and had a good time. Jill caters and she had prepared everything ahead of time. It was gourmet cooking at its finest! We both had the beef filet, but the salmon looked exquisite also. This was the menu:

Appetizers - fig and gorgonzola pastry puffs, and rosemary pecans

Bread - Hot sweetheart muffins with raspberry butter

Soup - Warm tomato & gruyere bisque

Salad - Strawberry, walnut & blue cheese over gourmet greens with a balsamic vinaigrette

Palette cleanser - raspberry sorbet

Main course - Atlantic Salmon or Angus Fillet of Beef, stacked on roasted red pepper mashed potatoes, over a grid of whole green beans, topped with a bernaise sauce and garnished with sliced almonds. The wine will be paired with the entree that you select.

Dessert - Chocolate mocha stack cake with cherry vanilla cream topped with chocolate covered cherries and chocolate syrup

Coffee - Guatemalan roast

I had planned to take a picture of each course, but forgot when they got there because I was so anxious to dig in!
Jill & Christy taking a "Prom" picture

Jill & Steve Stallworth

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Christy said...

Thanks for putting up my devil picture... LOL. I hope we do a prom night! THAT WOULD be so much fun. I'm excited about the show and gettig to spend some time with you and Liv. :)