Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mr. and Mrs. Troy Curtis Stinson

We did it! Troy and I were married June 8 at sunset at the Valley of Fire, Nevada. That's about an hour north of Las Vegas. It was so beautiful there. Very calm and peaceful. I was nervous at the hotel getting ready, but completely calm and relaxed when the actual time came! Troy looked so handsome in his new suit and tie (please note how well it matches our surroundings).

Our driver picked us up around 5:00 and of course I forgot the marriage license. But we were still in L.V. so he turned around (not easy in all that construction) and we ran back up to the room to get it. The driver, Dave, talked NONSTOP all the way there, which was about an hour's drive. Once we arrived, it was very laid back! We signed everything and then made a few pictures and began the ceremony!

The Valley of Fire is a Nevada state park. It is so beautiful. We were the only ones out there, so it was a very private ceremony. Reverend Ralph performed the ceremony. He talked a lot about love and even about his mama! As we said our vows and were looking at each other, we both teared up. It was so sweet! And now I have the most wonderful husband and we are very happy!

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