Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sharp Shooter

We decided to practice shooting the guns this afternoon! When I was in college, Daddy got me two pistols to keep at my trailer and in my car (I had a pistol permit at the time). We practiced shooting them and then I put them in the drawer and didn't take them out until today! (Well, except that one time at the beach, Jill & Drew will remember....;) ).

I was scared to death and started acting crazy, but Troy made me calm down and we loaded the little pistols and shot a target! I actually did pretty good! I hit the target everytime and got in the black near the bullseye the last few times. It was fun shooting!

This does NOT mean, however, that I will be shooting animals, i.e., deer, dove, turkeys, or whatever else. I still can't stand the thought of that!
And this is when I said, "Freeze Sucka!"

Troy actually hit the bullseye, but those others are mine!


Christy said...

lol- at "Freeze Sucka!" hahaha. Did your skinny tail fall flat on your back after you shot it? ;)

Rodney said...

Your blog was so funny. I finally got to ssee your furniture and your house since you have married. I am ashamed that Rodney and I have not been to see you and Troy. I love you. Your home is beautiful. I really liked the pic of Troy cooking on the deck.