Sunday, November 1, 2009

National Peanut Festival

Mom called earlier this week and wanted to take Tristen to the National Peanut Festival fair, so he and I left Saturday afternoon to meet them. Rodney's daughter and son-in-law and their precious children were there also, as well as his parents, so we had a house full! Tristen LOVES to visit there. He can go fishing, ride the four-wheeler, and just talk to Mr. Rodney.

We left around 4 for the fair and had a blast. It was COLD!!! Forty-five degrees! My favorite part was the petting zoo and the pig races. Tristen had fun with all of us! We really missed Troy, who had to work :( boo. Tristen shot the bb-machine gun and won a gigantic dragon. We ate roasted corn, boiled peanuts, pizza, and of course, funnel cakes! We had a good time.

Sunday afternoon we went to Grandmama's to celebrate her 91st birthday! Her birthday is November 3rd. She is doing great and getting along reasonably well for a 91-year old. Everyone was there, including Susan's family. Bo and Blake are too cute!

Riding the Himilaya

Tristen riding the mechanical bull...

Shooting the BB/Machine Gun to blow the star out..

The gigantic dragon prize

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Angela said...

We found your blog! Ella Katherine liked looking at your pictures! She wanted to see Coco and was very excited to see her on the deck picture. We had a great time this past weekend! Your house looks great! Here is our blog: