Monday, June 28, 2010

Little Priss Pot on the way!

IT'S A GIRL! IT'S A GIRL!! Can you tell I'm excited? I was secretly hoping for a little girl but had several "boy" dreams. And Chinese calendar, YOU WERE WRONG!

More importantly, we got a great report. Today was my halfway checkup! Halfway, that's unreal to me! The placenta is in the right spot, plenty of amniotic fluid, all limbs were there and we saw the four chambers of the heart. To say it was amazing is very understated. I gained three pounds (that's all so far). Mom met us there, too. We got a DVD of the ultrasound and watched it again tonight. The sweetest part was when she was sucking her thumb and was playing with the umbellical cord! She moved around a lot and finally showed us her goods. The ultrasound tech just said it looked like an 'equals' sign = . She also put her little feet (mama called them BIG feet) up and pressed them against my belly for a nice picture! Once she did a big kick and I felt it. I've been feeling her a lot lately. Little bubble feelings and baby thumpings.

I just love being pregnant! Haven't had the first problems! I'll miss her being in my belly, but am anxious to welcome her to our family. Troy is already an amazing father, but I can't wait to see how he'll handle a little girl! She'll have him wrapped around her little finger!

When we got to the car, Mama pulls out a big pink ribbon, a flower arrangement inside pink booties, and "It's a Girl" candy! She hadn't prepared anything for a boy. Everyone is so excited about it being a girl, although we would have loved it even if it was a little man.

Names? Parker E______ Stinson or E______ Parker Stinson. I've always wanted to name a little girl Parker, so we'll see. The "E" is still undecided, but I just like that vowel. Also like Audrey. Guess I like all vowel names. Except "I". If "I" was her middle name, her initials would be PIS and we can't be having that. ;)

  • Everleigh, Everly (probably our fav) Everly Parker or Parker Everly??
  • Ella Parker (but becoming too common--but I LOVE it as a double name)
  • Ellie Parker
  • Parker Ellis (love this E name too)
  • Audrey Parker (thanks Putting on the Ritz, Audrey Hepburn, for reminding me how cute Audrey is)
  • Alejandro (just kidding...stupid song has been stuck in my head all day)

Now the fun part begins! We'll order some furniture and find some fabric and sew her up a cute lil' nursery! Need to pull out the sewing maching after the Fourth. Troy's mom can smock, so I'm hoping she'll make me a ton of precious outfits!

I'll add a few more pics tomorrow, but they're on T's phone. He's conked out after taking some meds. He also had to go to the doctor today for his back--he did something to it and could barely get around Saturday and Sunday. Hope his xrays turn out okay next week.

This is one of my favorite pictures (of her little feet).

Okay, my stomach does look huge here, but when I'm standing, it's just poking a little!


Angela said...

Great pictures!!! Isn't it amazing how they already look like a baby, especially after the first alien looking pictures. I love the names! You also have to think of the initial combo with a monogram. I had a friend who was STD. Obviously she never wanted her monogram on anything. hehe

The Ealum's said...

Girl you are far from huge! So excited for you and glad that everythign looked great!!! Lots of little girls on the way!

Christy said...

I would like to cast one vote for for Audrey Parker. Patrick suggested Audrey for our girl and I said, "No- I think Shera will name her baby that if its a girl" I do love the name Audrey. But, Hey its YOUR child to name. :)

All of your names are beautiful (even Alejandro- what can I say, I'm a Super biast Lady GAGA fan) I really do love idea of using your maiden name.

I'm so happy for you Shera!

L said...

We're so happy for you and Troy! Such a great blessing for two great people. Love all your name ideas- Parker especially.