Tuesday, September 14, 2010

4D Ultrasound at 30 Weeks/7 Months

We finally got to see more of Parker in 4D!  Still feels weird calling her Parker, but I guess that's her name!  I guess when she arrives, it will be more real to call her that.  Anyway, back to pictures!

Last week we went and she hid the cord in front of her face half of the time then flipped over.  Just did not want to be seen!  But yesterday she did good! Daddy was in Montgomery teaching a class so he was able to meet us and see it too.  At first she hid her face in her hand, but then she uncovered it!  It is just amazing what they are able to do these days!

She yawned, frowned, squinted up her forehead (just like me!), and even opened her eyes!  (now, that picture is kind of creepy).  She is so sweet!  I think she was even sucking on her toes. :)

I gained two more pounds (in 3 weeks), making a total of 14 so far.  I have two more months to go!  My belly has really started poking in the past month. 

I think her toe is in her mouth!
She opened her eyes for a second!  Looks kind of scary, though!
Yawning!  So sweet!

Starting to frown...


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