Tuesday, March 31, 2009

30th Birthday

I was so depressed about turning thirty. And it really was bad. People said, "Oh, it's not that bad!" but it was. Now Friday night, March 13, I had a great time in Birmingham with my friends and Troy. I tried to do my hair like Beyonce but that didn't work. (BTW, you can buy a "bump" to go in your hair if you want that big poof!) We went out for dinner and drinks and Troy got to spend time with them and we all got to reminice. But remember, I was still 29.

On the 14th, Doomsday, it poured ALL day! First, we got stuck in traffic outside of Birmingham for over an hour (barely moving). Then we finally got home and I went out to Troy's. It was storming, so there was nothing to do but sit around and mope. I even had to do a little crying on the couch. Thank goodness I fell asleep around 9-10 because I was tired of that day.

But things looked up on Sunday. My sweet mom came up and brought Grandmama with her along with a bunch of presents and a cake. I really do like getting presents! They made me feel better (mom, that is). Troy also gave me some Coco Madomoiselle, which is tres fabulous, let me tell you!

Thirty is better now and I hope it will continue to improve!

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Z.H. Striplin said...

We'll get used to it I suppose. I don't like really feeling like a grown up though. Booo for getting old!!!