Saturday, February 13, 2010

It's snowing in the Pines!

We got SO much snow yesterday! It was amazing and beautiful. I think we got over six inches at our house. It started really snowing around 7 and didn't let up until around 4. We had a great day. We had Tristen and Keller (T's little brother) and they got up around 6:45 and got all bundled up in their camo jumpsuits. They were so cute. We all went outside and played in the snow, made a snowman, threw a few snowballs and just watched them all. The dogs had a blast! They were all so frisky.

Around ten, Troy took us for a country ride through the woods. We got out and hiked through the woods and Troy set up his hunting blind (getting ready for turkey season. Tristen and Keller hung out by the truck throwing snowballs. All of the trees and leaves were so beautiful glistening with snow!

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Rodney said...

Shera, Rodney and I enjoyed the pics. Ya'll definitely had more snow than we did. I liked the one that looked like Coco was making a snow ball and also the pic with the old wagon in the background. We have some good ones too.