Saturday, October 4, 2008

Blogging Late Bloomer

Well now I've got a blog too. I've just loved reading Casey's blog novels and seeing Sophie updates on Jill's blog, so I decided to make one too. Only, there's really not a lot going on to talk about! No babies or hubby yet to talk about, but I do have an amazing boyfriend, Troy, I co-sponsor the cheerleaders and teach second grade, so those will probably be my only topics!

Whoever thinks that teachers have it made have no idea what they are talking about. School this year has kept me exceedingly busy. We have a whole new reading program, Reading Street, and I spend just about all my free time preparing for it. The only way we've been able to make it through each day's lessons are by making PowerPoints where we basically put the whole Teacher's Edition on the show. I did last week's story and worked on it for approximately seven hours (and I'm pretty ppt saavy). In addition to a new reading program, we are also implementing AMSTI into our science and math. We had to go to AMSTI training (Alabama Math, Science, and Technology Institute?) this summer for two exciting weeks, let me tell you. I feel like I spend every waking minute working on school stuff. And I have to to be the best teacher that I can. There is just NO WAY someone could just roll in around 7:30 and leave by 3:30 and have their kids learn anything. If you have children, let their teachers know how much you appreciate them! Most of Alabama has the same new stuff we have and everyone is overwhelmed! I've had to spend several Saturdays at school preparing since August. But I love teaching and can't imagine doing anything else. Second graders are so loving (well, most are) and they just love to hug you and call you "mama!" They are at the age where they like learning and pleasing.

I sponsor a little Pep Squad at school and we practice every Wednesday after school. The club is made up of kindergarten, first and second graders who want to cheer! They are so cute! Those little kindergarteners don't hardly know a thing, though! They just jump around and yell! I've taught them about 10 cheers and we practice jumps and motions. They love to do "Little Sally Walker" and dance. I let them cheer before the high school games, pregame and get in the Spirit Line. Since I'm also co-sponsoring the Varsity cheerleaders, it works out well! The Pep Squad also marched in our homecoming parade and did a fabulous job!

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