Thursday, July 15, 2010

Blanket Bliss!

Had a great time sewing baby blankets with Christy tonight! They turned out cute! Who would have thought that learning to make a little baby blanket would make you so excited? But it did! I almost wrapped up Coco in it, but Troy would have gotten on to me. Can't wait to wrap our baby girlie in it! Made by mommie with love..awww wee...

Few things I figured out that I guess you would only learn from experience:

  • Minky Dot is not the easiest thing to sew (the green was harder). It stretches and crinkles up a bit, so...
    Finally figured out to put that side down on the sewing maching with the cotton side facing upward. From there learned,
  • When pinning your material, lay the fabric out the SAME way you will run it through the machine (I pinned with minky on top, but ran it through machine with cotton side on top--makes pulling out the pins not as easy).
  • Also, put the pins in with the head of the pin facing you (point away) so you can easily slide it out while sewing!
Just a few things that most of you probably already know, but it takes trial and error to figure these things out I guess if you don't have a seamstress on hand for tips!

I tried a practice blanket on Monday with some sage green/cream toile and like a dummy, bought lime green minky, hoping that it would "blend." It did not. So it's ugly. But it was a practice blanket and I learned a lot from it. My new one looks so sweet! I used some of my new fabric, Love Birds, with pink Minky Dot. Maybe if I get very advanced, I can add a sweet satin border or something to it, but not yet!

Found this awesome tutorial online that was SO easy, even I could follow it:

Please share any others that you know of that makes it easy for novices like moi!

I'll take pics of nursery once it's finished! Still have to make curtains, comforter, and get a mattress! And a rug, chandelier (if Troy will let me), art on the wall, many things!


Angela said...

Another tip which comes from a mistake I have can iron the dots out of the fabric.

Angela said...

The last comment wasn't clear....I didn't want to iron the dots out of the fabric but accidentally did. So make sure the iron is cook and no steam.

Shera P said...

Thanks! I want to make another one with my leftover minky stuff...I'll keep that in mind!