Monday, July 19, 2010


Well, I'm at a good stopping point with the nursery.  I wanted to get as much done this summer as I could because once school starts, I'll be so busy with kids, cheerleading, planning, ballgames, etc., and won't have much time to devote to it.

I must admit, it is SO precious!  The pink and aqua look so good together.  Yesterday I finished the curtains.  I just bought the fabric to match and sewed away!  Then I just tied some aqua, satin ribbons on each of the curtain clips and Voila!

We found this old leather wall hanging mural thing (in the closet), and I am hoping that my very talented artist friend will paint it for me to match the room! 

Still looking for a glider, rug, and mattress, but those can wait!  I'll try to chill out with the baby blogging for a while!  Up next, SCHOOL!  Can't believe that it starts two weeks from today.  Where has my summer gone?  Well, at least I have a summer.  Could be stuck working somewhere 8-5 so I'm grateful to have this time off! 

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Angela said...

You have done great! I haven't made curtains yet, but I think I might make some for the baby's room and EK and Reid's room. We just switched their rooms around and EK and Reid are now sharing bunk beds. It is so sad that he isn't in his crib anymore. I had to sleep with him halfway through the night. Hopefully tonight will be better.