Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ann Stinson's Puppies

Troy's sweet lab, Ann, had her puppies either late Friday night or in the wee Saturday morning hours (which was Troy's birthday--I prefer to think they share their birthdays). Poor ole' Ann is getting on up there in age. Troy thought he had gotten her to his Dad's to be fenced up when she was hot-to-trot, but apparently he wasn't quick enough!

There had been a beautiful Huskie hanging around the house and I thought for sure that he was the father. But these puppies are all chocolate labs like their mother! Troy thinks there is another chocolate lab down the road that could be the daddy. They are so precious! She had 10, but one passed this afternoon and I was so sad. I thought it was coming because he was cold and wouldn't get in there and suck on her teets. Sorry, had to throw that in there. I really was sad and teared up and hugged Annie. So if anyone wants a sweet lil' puppy, let me know!

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