Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas 2008

It has been wonderful spending time with family and friends! I've been back and forth between Hartford and Greenville three times in the past week! But that's okay. We did Christmas with my dad Sunday night and Christmas Eve with Troy's family at Carmin & Tracy's house. Then Christmas day, it was back to Hartford for the Gardner Christmas at Grandmama's. Then back to Greenville for Christmas with Troy's dad. WHEWW!!!

Christmas was wonderful. We enjoyed having Tristen over to spend time with and Ms. Janice, Troy's mom, has been staying there every weekend since her house almost burned! They will rebuild it after the New Year. It's pretty safe to say that both Troy & I spoiled Tristen for Christmas! It's fun having a youngster to buy for. He got a bow and an iPod shuffle along with a ton of clothes & shoes.

Of course, Coco and Buck got to come in for all the events! Buck acted like a big baby. Poor ole' Ann had to stay outside in the barn with her pups, who are growing! I'll get new pictures this week. They still haven't opened their eyes.

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