Wednesday, December 10, 2008

CoCo with St. Nick!

Sunday afternoon the Butler County Humane Society had Santa downtown at Confederate Park to take pictures with pets. It was really cute! I got Cokers a cute little red and white dress that said "Santa Baby" and Buck (Troy's pup) wore an elf hat. Tristen jumped in the picture too! (I'm not sure Santa was ready for Tristen to plop down on his knee). It was hard to get both dogs to cooperate. The real photographer got a better shot. Check out Santa's shoes! Coco thought she was something! She kept doing her 'pee-pee dance' where she kicks her feet really fast. She was showing off in her dress. Maybe if I ever have children, I won't obsess about the dog so much! But for now, she's my baby! You have to admit that she's cute!

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Casey said...

Too cute! Just wait, Cherokee got bumped from the Christmas card photo this year and Kate isn't even here yet.